Transit Alliance of the Piedmont

TAP is an alliance of organizations, leaders and citizens who advocate for public transit in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina.  TAP supports a multimodal transportation network, that encourages transit, walking, & cycling, along with thoughtful land use and development.


The future of our region depends on the decisions we make today.  Building a strong transit network benefits us in a number of ways:  

  • Economic Development - transit spurs growth, acts as a catalyst for job creation, and keeps congestion in check to preserve our competitive edge as a freight & logistics hub
  • Community Building - transit shapes growth and encourages the development of communities that are walkable/bike-able, and built on a human scale, making our city more attractive to potential companies and residents

Our Mission

TAP works to promote enhancements to the Piedmont Triad's transportation network, that spur economic development, improve our health and safety, protect our natural resources, build community, and connect people to opportunities.

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  • Opportunity - transit connects people to opportunities - for employment, education, recreation and retail, as well as medical & other necessary services
  • Sustainability – transit reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption and promotes sustainable land use patterns
  • Health – transit promotes an active lifestyle and contributes to better air & water quality

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